Tear Down/Rebuild


Out with the old - In with the new.


Great neighborhood -Not so great home ... That's where we come in.  Whether you are purchasing a foreclosure or just ready for a change you can count on our experience and expertise to make sure that the process of tearing down your old home and building your new one goes as smoothly as possible.  If renovating just isn't worth the cost, tearing down and rebuilding may be an excellent alternative.  


Designing and building your new home will not only add value to your property it also allows for tremendous savings on your homeowners and flood insurance policies.  New homes are smarter and more energy efficient thanks to the latest building innovation and technology.  They’re better suited to meet the needs and desires of today's modern lifestyle, such as integrated family spaces, indoor-outdoor dining, and the latest trends in construction and design.  Not to mention, the simple peace of mind that comes with having a new roof over your head.


We can work with any design style or idea, tailoring your new home to suit your lifestyle and budget.  You can also draw on our expertise and knowledge to make your home truly unique and distinctively yours. 


We have completed teardown-rebuild projects across the suncoast. If you love the area that you live in, tear down and rebuild may just be the option for you.




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